• FireEagle

    Yep – thats me…

I guess I should explain…

FireEagle… yep that’s me.


A contradiction in terms, that’s probably the best way to describe me.

One minute fire fighting and racing cars , the next being creative with a sewing machine, paint or beads, I’ll pretty much give anything a go. And I suppose in some ways that’s where my nickname has come from. Two terms, combined to describe me.

Eagle, what some might describe as my totem spirit. Also a nickname given to me as a teen, when I spent way too many hours watching the magnificent birds soaring above. Amazed by their strength, grace and beauty, but in the world of Eagle’s, the Wedge-Tailed Eagle (Aquila Audax) has a few features that make it somewhat unique and I guess I saw part of myself in them.

Fire, from my love of the hot stuff. I grew up with my dad spending much of his time at the fire station, a volunteer with the local brigade. Then, when I felt kinda lost during change in my life, it helped show me the positives again. Through training with a brigade, I got to be part of a special community and was lucky to be introduced to my husband. And although I don’t volunteer to fight fires anymore, it did teach me what was important for me, a good sense of community in those around me, and that sometimes, when everyone else runs away, someone needs to stand up and be different, someone needs to run towards.

So that is me, FireEagle.

The idea behind this site…

Welcome to my personal website.

This is just a bit of a spot for me to play around. A chance for me to learn and play with website technology, but also a great spot to throw up some pics for my friends and family to see some of the crazy things I get up to with my cheeky husband Matthew.

It’s nothing fancy, it’s just me. I don’t make any money from this, and the pictures are all my own. So I hope you can respect that.

If you see a picture of you up here, be honoured cause it means your special to me. But if you don’t like the snap (and trust me, I completely get that!) just give me a yell and i’ll take it down. I’m not out to offend or upset.

So, look around, have a giggle at my madness or shed a tear for a happy memory shared.

This is where it all starts…

Victoria, Australia. A state with everything.

A visitor may ask for suggestions of what to check out, my first response, how long are you here?

You really need to be here for at least twelve months and do a lot of travelling to understand just what I mean by “we have everything”. From a little below freezing (zero degrees Celsius) overnight in winter, to cooking (well over fourty degrees Celsius) on a hot day in summer. We have snow, beach, rainforest, grasslands, desert and arid bushland. In fact, I’ve even seen snow on Bells Beach! Just a small corner of South East Australia, but at 237,639 square kilometres, the entire United Kingdom really isn’t much bigger at all.

I grew up in a little rural town called Bellbrae, where the Great Ocean Road starts, gateway to the Surf Coast. At the top of a hills, with magnificent views, beaches in each direction, big paddocks to explore and Wedge-Tailed Eagles soaring above. This was my childhood.

Now I live in another enchanted world, at the base of the Dandenong Ranges. Here, the city meets the trees. There is really something special about being able to head up the mountain after work, take a short walk to a waterfall in summer, or drive through the magical mist in winter.


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The number of hobbies I’ve had a go of…


My truest love, my husband Matthew

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